VaVeliero is brand created to add a touch of art and design to your tecnologies.

VaVeliero is an iconic symbol: a place of imagination, open spaces and exploration... it is ready to surf the web. VaVeliero is our logo, which strongly recalls Italy, with the clear intent to distinguish itself from all the other iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook. Today’s technical gadgets are part of us: they are tools with which we cannot live without, at work as well as in our daily routines. These are the reasons why mobile phones and computers deserve to be "dressed up" and protected in the best way possible: they reflect who we are.

VaVeliero is the best solution to protect your beloved gadgets, starting from you Apple iPhone, thanks to its perfect fusion of design and technology.

With VaVeliero, your high-techs used daily in business or simply for fun, will finally be protected with a touch of taste, technology and quality.